PC / Mac Setup

Download VLC Media Player and install it on your computer.

After installing, open VLC Media Player.

Click on the "Environment" tab in the upper left corner.

From there, enter the "Open Network Stream" option.

Type in the code of the IP TV you want to unlock.

Then click on "Play".

Click "My View" to open the channel list, then click "Playlist"..

Android İPTV Setup

Go to the Google Play Store.

Type Xtream-Codes IPTV in the search field.

Download and install the Xtream-Codes IPTV application on your device.

Then run the Xtream-Codes IPTV application.


Enter the information we have given you in the section above and click login.


Enter the AppStore.
Download and install the GSE SMART IPTV application on your device.
opening the application, enter the "Remote Playlist" menu from the menu button on the left.
Press the "+" key. Select the "M3U Url" option.
Write "WebTV Play" in the upper field from the menu that opens.
Enter your Playlist URL in the box below.
Complete the process by pressing the Save button.

After saying OK, you will see the "WebTV Play" category.

You can start watching the categorized channels by clicking on it.

Where Is My Playlist URL ?
Request your m3u url code from us via WHATSAPP message

Click on the purple box in the right corner.
Press M3U box from the page that opens.
On the page that opens, press and hold on the "click here" text and press the copy link address option and copy the URL.

Samsung and LG Smart iPTV Setup

Download the Smart IPTV application from the Smart App.

Then take the MAC address written in the application and send it to us.

Let Us Do Your Upload.

If You Want To Upload Yourself You Can Get Your M3U File From Us.

www.siptv.euGo to the www.siptv.eu website.

Write your MAC address in the box at the bottom.

Then click the "reset" button. (If you do not want the channels you have previously uploaded to the device to be deleted, do not click.)

Then type the mac address again in the top box.

Then select your M3U file on the desktop and click on the "upload" option.

Dreambox Device IPTV Setup

Connect to the device from your computer via FTP.

Enter your device's ip address by typing.

Username: root

Password: dreambox (Generally)

Put the userboguet that we will give you, that is, where we will show the ready installation file.

Then browse the userboguet file to the Enigma2 folder by finding the ETC / Enigma2 path.

Restart your device.

MAG250- Mag Box Portal Setings

MAG Portal does not require any setup knowledge.

It will be enough to send us the MAC address under your device.

Our system makes all channels and updates automatically.

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